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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
652 All Of A Sudden Roy Fox ahb Harry Woods w/m `32 London September 23, 1932 GB-4939-3 Dec F-3181 As above. The final track recorded as Roy Fox and his Band with Al Bowlly before Lew Stone took over the band. Roy Fox formed a new band at the Cafe Anglais, joined only by Sid Buckman

All Of A Sudden

All Of A Sudden

(Harry Woods)

Roy Fox and his Band

All of a sudden my heart went a thuddin’ when I saw you
All of a sudden the trees went abuddin’ and skies were blue
It was a moment, a wonderful moment that came to me
Sunlight and laughter are mine ever after
Still it’s all a mystery

I’m in the middle of some funny riddle I can’t explain
Why should I try it or try to deny it, it’s all in vain
Here with my loving arms around you
Happy I found you, how can it be
That all of a sudden I love you and you love me