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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
304 Alma Mia Roy Fox (The Whispering Cornetist) ahb Maria Grever w/m `31 London April 1, 1931 GB-2760-2 Dec F-2292 As March 5. Ben Frankel (violin, bass trumbone) + 2 more violinists. AB with The Three Ginx.

Alma Mia

Alma Mia


Roy Fox and his Band

Alma Mia
Can't you hear my song of love
Neath a golden moon above
Alma Mia

Alam Mia
For your kiss my lips were made
Tell me why are you afraid
Alma Mia

(The Three Ginx)
Above the street
I hear the strum of guitars
Thrilling me through and through
As I'm waiting in the light of the stars
I'm falling for you

Alma Mia
For this night of love devine
I have come to make you mine
Alma Mia