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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
1024 Big Chief De Sota Ray Noble and His Orchestra Andy Razaf / Fernando Arbelo w/m `36 New York May 25, 1936 101864-1 Victor 25346, HMV BD-5095, Electrola EG-3853 As above. Duet with Sterling Bose

Big Chief De Sota

Big Chief De Sota

(Andy Razaf / Fernando Arbelo)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

Sterling Bose:
Chief De Sota in Dakota
Not De Cotem
Not in this quota did the legendary Sota
Buy a planetary coda
Oh Chief De Soda
He bought a boat-a
Though he had no place to go
Chief De Sota bought a boat-a

Big Chief De Sota
Couldn't float and was his face red

Big Chief De Sota
Was so mad he scalped his own head

Sterling Bose:
Oh the pity at it, so disorder
Got to go-da
Big Chief De Sota
Thought he went and bought a boat-a
But people only know that any coat-a???
Chief De Sota
Get to know da
Saturday morning in Dakota at a border kind-a float-a in Dakota

Easy Chief, easy
Well that's better
Now you're swinging lightly
That's it Chief