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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
697 Brighter Than The Sun Ray Noble and His Orchestra Ray Noble Anona Winn w/m `32 London December 17, 1932 OB-4358-1-2-3 HMV B-6302, B-6302 oz Victor 24314 Takes 1 and 2 HMV rejected on Dec 8 and Dec 17 for take 3). Personnel: as Dec 8.

Brighter Than The SunBrighter Than The Sun

Brighter Than The Sun

(Ray Noble / Anona Winn)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

And now I'm brighter than the sun
I'm just in love with everyone
I've found the world is full of fun, for me
I'm as happy as a breeze
That sings a song among the trees
And keeps its sweetest melodies, for me
For I've left all my troubles behind me
They won't find me if I smile
I'm still sure to be careful
Lets be cheerful for a while
Only just begun to put my troubles on the run
But from now on this little one
Is brighter than the sun