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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
497 By The Fireside Ray Noble & his NMDO R.Noble / J.Campbell / R.Connelly   London January 8, 1932 OB-2104-1 HMV B-6131, HMV EA-1077, Victor 25141 EG2526, HMV C 19 HMV C 19, a Record Sampler (March 1932), contains an excerpt. As above

By The Fireside

Image courtesy of Adrian Jorgensen

By The Fireside

By The Fireside

(R.Noble / J.Campbell / R.Connelly)

Ray Noble & his New Mayfair Dance Orchestra

In the gloaming by the fireside
With you, I'll be content
In the gloaming by the fireside
Every hour will be well spent

We'll see our hopes and dreams, dear
Like pictures in the fire
Finding in its gleams, dear
Our heart's desire

In an armchair by the fireside
Just big enough for two
We'll be happy, oh so happy
While we do as lovers do

With no-one there to notice
A little kiss or two
In the gloaming by the fireside
With you