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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
654 Considerin' Arthur Lally aho Arthur Young Val Valentine `31 London September 29, 1932 GB-4958-2 Dec F-3187, Mayfair G-2202 As above. Mayfair as Jack Holmes And His Orchestra

Considerin' Considerin'


(Arthur Young / Val Valentine)

Arthur Lally and his Orchestra

Considerin', We're both in love
And above, there's a moon
That beckons to me and you, very soon
You aught to be mine, considerin'

Considerin', we feel the urge
Let us smile, you appear
To hesitate, must I wait,listen here
You're wasting our time, considerin'

I'm over here, you're over there
Where's your conscience, in-between
Why should you stay, so far away
Come on darling, lets begin

Considerin', you're on a spree
Fond of me, let me show
I feel for you, that way too, don't be slow
Tonight is the time, considerin'