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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
1182 Could Be Geraldo aho Walter Donaldson Johnny Mercer `38 London March 7, 1939 OEA-7612-1 HMV BD-5468, HMV EA-2337 As above

Could Be

Image courtesy of Adrian Jorgensen

Could Be

Could Be

(Walter Donaldson / Johnny Mercer)

Geraldo and his Orchestra

Could Be that yellow moon
Is just a big balloon
And not that yellow moon above

Could be your angel face
It's something out of space
And not that angel face I love

Could be this heart of mine
Is just a Valentine
And not this heart of mine at all

Could be a dream I see
But If you're asking me
Could be I'm in love, could be