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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
412 Dance Hall Doll Roy Fox ahb Dan Dougherty Jack Yellen w/m`31 London September 3, 1931 GB-3172-1,-2 Dec F-2486 As above. With Ella Logan and Al bowlly vocals with chorus; both takes exist and believed issued under the same catalogue number.

Dance Hall Doll

Dance Hall Doll

(Dan Dougherty / Jack Yellen)

Roy Fox and his Band

Dance Hall Doll
Dancing around the floor
Is it so, that you are living for
Must you be, only a dance hall doll

Running wild, where is it leading to
Foolish child, what is it getting you
Can't you see
Your're just a dance hall doll

That happy tune, to which you're playing
That may turn into the blues
All too soon, you'll be catching sidelights?
One of dancing shoes

Don't go on, wasting your youth away
When it's gone, you'll learn it doesn't pay
Just to be
Only a dance hall doll