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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
523 Granny's Photo Album Masqueraders Clive Greer w/m `32 London February 18, 1932 CA-12443-2 Col CB-434, Col DO-717 As above (Savoy Hotel Orpheans) with the Carlyle Cousins

Granny's Photo Album

Granny's Photo Album

(Clive Greer)

Masqueraders (Savoy Hotel Orpheans)

Granny's family photo album
Was a fine display
Crinolines and old-world fashions
Of a bygone day

As she slowly turned its pages
With a sigh of bliss
Granny's family photo album
Played a tune like this

Grinfull of romance
Each picture tells a tale
Granny has a bathe
Then in her wedding veil

Grandad looking awfully cute
A tiny tot in sailor suit

Then the wedding grew
And the happy bridal pair
All the family
Were pasted in with care

Faded portraits yellow and old
Granny treasurers them like gold