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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
823 Happy And Contented Ray Noble and His Orchestra Ray Noble Max Kester `33 London October 12, 1933 OB-5135-1 HMV B-6407 As above. Duet with Eve Becke.

Happy And Contented

Happy And Contented

(Ray Noble / Max Kester)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

Eve Becke: Oh! darling, darling
Bowlly: What is it dear?
Eve Becke: Joyce's going out, she wants us to go to the club
Bowlly: Go to the club? Not me. I'm quite contented right where I am. But I thought you had asked Clare to come in?
Eve Becke: Oh, I put her off, darling don't you know what day it is?
Bowlly: Monday, why?
Eve Becke: Oh nothing, I thought you might remember
Bowlly: Of course I remember. How could I go to the club today. I don't want Joyce, I don't want Clare, I only want you
Eve Becke: Oh darling. Oh what a rotten shave you've had this morning
Bowlly: Happy and contented, now I found you
Eve Becke: Happy and contented, all my life through
Bowlly: I'm so contented, since you love me. Now what could prevent it. It just had to be
Eve Becke: Well I haven't dreamt it, all this happiness
Bowlly: And I was so tormented, till you said, Yes!
Eve Becke: You made me realize, what life can do
Bowlly: Oh dear
Together: Happy and Contented when I'm with you

Bowlly: Cuddle up closely Eve, happy?
Eve Becke: Uh-huh
Bowlly: Also contented?
Eve Becke: Mmmm, tell me, do you love me as much as you did the other day?
Bowlly: Why certainly darling. Do you think I would stay away from the club, if I didn't?
Eve Becke: I'm happy to know anyhow

Eve Becke: You've made me realize what life can do
Together: Happy and contented when I'm with you