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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
416 Honeymoon Lane Radio Rhythm Boys Jas.Hanley `31 Billy Moll / Eddie Dowling London c. September 1931 90227-2 EBR 1551 A Harry Hudson band

Honeymoon Lane

Honeymoon Lane

(Jas.Hanley / Billy Moll / Eddie Dowling)

Radio Rhythm Boys. A Harry Hudson band

There's a little gate that's swinging
And the little birds are singing
Around the door, the ivy's clinging
In a spot called, Honeymoon Lane

There's a welcome from each posy
As we reach that cottage, cosy
And our skies will all be rosy
As we enter Honeymoon Lane

We'll leave the world behind
And we'll have peace of mind
For no one else can find
Our cottage of heaven

There is room enough for two there
And our dreams will all come true there
You'll have me and I'll have you there
In that spot called, Honeymoon Lane