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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
286 I'll Be Good Because Of You Novelty Orchestra Ray Noble / Alan Murray w/m `31 London March 9, 1931 OB-145-1 HMV B-3825 Zonophone EE253 Australian Puzzle Record No. 2 - Part 1. Ray Noble directing Max Goldberg, Bill Shakespeare (trumpets); Tony Thorpe (trombone); Laurie Payne (clarinet, alto and baritone saxophones); Harry Hines (clarinet and alto saxophone); George Smith (tenor saxophone); Eric Siday (violins); Harry Jacobson (piano); Ben Thomas (guitar); Jack Evetts (string bass); Bill Harty (drums); Al Bowlly (vocal). Hayes, Middlesex, March 9, 1931

I'll Be Good Because Of You
I'll Be Good Because Of You- zonophone

I'll Be Good Because Of You

(Ray Noble / Alan Murray)

Novelty Orchestra

Puzzle records had six short tracks in total, three different tracks, cut into three concurrent grooves on each side. It was a matter of luck which track the needle entered.

All because of you you dear
All because of you
I've begun to change dear
Change my point of view
Change my way of living
As I promised to
I'll be good because of you

I've been easy going
Foolish through and through
I was only showing-off
Infront of you
Now i'll make a clean sweep
As I promised to
I'll be good because of you

If it's rather funny wasting money
I would be happy running wild
I was made a fool of
Just a tool off
Any place that's mine

I'm so very sorry
For the life I've led
Now I'll be a saint dear
With a halo around my head
I'd make resolutions
I mean what I say
I'll be good, so good because of you