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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
54 I Love No-One But You John Abriani's Six (O.P.Milde?) Phil/ Spitalny w/m `27 Berlin January 17, 1928 M-19826 Hom 4-2514 With JOHN ABRIANI'S SIX OR JOHN ABRIANI AND HIS ORCHESTRA (On M-19833). Unidentified personnel, possibly including: John(Giovanni) Abriani (bandleader, saxophonist, and violinist); Arthur Briggs (trumpet); Ferri Juza (trombone); ?(reeds); Helmuth Wernicke (piano); Felice Abriani (banjo); Fred Brownwood (drums); Al Bowlly (vocal).. From Stephanie Hotel Baden Baden.?.

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I Love No-One But You

((O.P.Milde?) Phil/ Spitalny) 1927

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I love no-one but you
And, with a love that's true

I need you more than than flowers need the rain
I need you more than words can ever explain

I have one life to live
And, just one love to give

It's your's right now
But soon, I'll vow
I love no-one but you