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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
646 Listen To The German Band Debroy Somers Band Harry Revel Mack Gordon `29 London September 20, 1932 CA-13038-1 Col CB-508 DEBROY SOMERS BAND: Debroy Somers (director); Julius Nussbaum (arranger); Jimmy Wornell, Arthur Coburn (trumpets); Percy Harper (trombone, violin); Brian Wicks (clarinet, alto sax); Tommy Nevinson (tenor sax); Dan Donovan (baritone sax): Gerry McQuillan (bassoon, harp); R. G. Somers (oboe); Ben Loban (violin); Arthur Sandford (piano); George Morris (banjo); Joe Lawler (tuba); Tommy Blades (drums, vibraphone); Al Bowlly (vocals).

Listen To The German Band

Listen To The German Band

(Harry Revel / Mack Gordon)

Debroy Somers Band

In the neighborhood I live
Everyday at twelve
Come around a certain band
And I enjoy myself

You must call around and see
What I'm speaking from
There are two six pieces
And six are five and drums

Listen to the German band
The music's grand
And hand in hand
They keep you stand
And then they sing
A ring a ring a roses

When the little German gents play instruments
The audience commence to dance
They never stop, until the music closes

They can play you tunes by Liszt
Or even Mr Verdi
But when they are playing Jazz
It sounds just like a Hurdy, Gurdy

Listen to the German band
They blow and blow
And huff they blow, we never know
But just the same, They call the pieces
I love you