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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
1135 Little Lady Make-Believe Various Artists acc. By Felix Mendelssohn aho Nat Simon / Tobias w/m `36 London October 10, 1938 DR-2982-1-2 Dec F-6831 Acc. by Felix Mendelssohn aho on a compilation with other artists entitled "Singers On Parade" No. 2; both takes exist, take 2 as a test pressing.

Take 1

Unreleased take 2

Little Lady Make-Believe

Little Lady Make-Believe

(Nat Simon / Tobias)

Various Artists acc. By Felix Mendelssohn aho

(Take 1 is edited so its only Bowlly's vocal part.)

(Unreleased take 2 is the whole track, supplied, courtesy of Chas Cox)

Dressed up in a gown that trails on the floor
In a picture hat that your mummy wore
Living in a world that you never saw
My little lady make-believe

What a pair of shoes for two tiny feet
What a pair of gloves, the fingers don't meet
Posing in a glass, your joy is complete
My little lady make-believe

In your little arms the doll you enfold
Means the world and all to you
But you could never love the doll that you hold
Half as much as I love you, my dear

Dream your little dreams, and may they come true
May the coming years bring happiness too
All my future dreams are wrapped up in you
My little lady make-believe