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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
192 Moonlight On The Colorado Ferrachini's Hawaiian Band Robt.King Billy Moll `30 London November 10, 1930 LO-797 Broadcast 2605, Broadcast 3018 Len Fillis (steel Hawaiian guitar, director); Nat Star (clarinet); Ted Edbrooke (violin); Sid Bright (piano); Al Bowlly (guitar, vocals); Les Allen (vocals). London, November 10, 1930. Duet with Les Allen. Originally released on Broadcast Super Dance 2605 and then repressed after March 1931 when the new Broadcast 12 Super was introduced.

Moonlight On The Colorado
Moonlight On The Colorado

Moonlight On The Colorado

(Robt.King / Billy Moll) 1930

Ferrachini's Hawaiian Band (A Len Fillis Band)

Moonlight on the river Colorado
How I wish that I were there with you
As I sit and find each lonely shadow
Takes me back to days that we once knew

We were to wed in harvest time you said
That's why I'm longing for you
When it's moonlight on the Colorado
I wonder if you're waiting for me too