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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
498 Must It End Like This? Ray Noble & his NMDO Jimmy Messini / Eddie Keith w/m `31 London January 8, 1932 OB-2105-2 HMV B-6130 As above

Must It End Like This?

Must It End Like This?

(Jimmy Messini / Eddie Keith)

Ray Noble & his New Mayfair Dance Orchestra

After all the vows
That we made in the past
Thought a love like ours
For ever would last
Oh, tell me
Must it end like this?
Oh, must it end like this

After having smiled through the dark wintery days
When we proved our love dear, in tender ways Oh
Tell me
Must it end this way?

Side by side we struggled on
From the very start
Now the time is on our side
Or must we break apart

See what have I got to
Being left all alone
If I hurt to sweetheart
I'd gladly atone
Please tell me
Must we end like this?
Tell me pretty baby
Oh baby.
Must it end like this?