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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
59 My Regular Girl John Abriani's Six Harry Warren Bud Green `27 Berlin January 18, 1928 M-19831 Hom 4-2512, Hom 4-2611 As above. M-19831 has a spoken introduction by Al Bowlly - 'Hello everybody, Abriani speaking, we thank you for your kind attention.'

My Regular Girl. If you have better audio, or the original 78rpm record for sale, please contact me. Thanks

My Regular Girl

(Harry Warren / Bud Green) 1927

Intro by Bowlly

Hello Everybody
Abriani speaking
We thank you for your kind attention

If you see her dainty thing
With a big engagement ring
You're seeing My Regular Girl

If her eyes are baby blue
And they seem to smile at you.
You're seeing My Regular Girl

If she's kind and if she's sweet
To the kiddies in the street
You're seeing My Regular Pal

And if you see a certain she
Going arm and arm with me
You're seeing My Regular Girl