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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
599 My Sunny Monterey Arthur Lally aho Horatio Nicholls Jos Geo Gilbert `32 London June 1, 1932 PB-1008-2. Could be take 1 on Panachord Panachord 25240, Mayfair G-2170 As Buddy Lewis & his Orchestra (Panachord 25240) or Jack Holmes & his Orchestra (Mayfair G-2170). As above

My Sunny Monterey
My Sunny Monterey

My Sunny Monterey

(Horatio Nicholls / Jos Geo Gilbert)

Arthur Lally and his Orchestra

So goodbye to care and sorrow
For, I'm on my way tomorrow
To my sunny Monterey

There'll be lots of satisfaction
When I meet the sweet attraction
In my sunny Monterey

I thought it over
No matter where I roam
Those fields of clover
Keep calling me back home

It's the joy of love, I'm after
And the thrill of baby's laughter
In my sunny Monterey