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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
243 Never Swat A Fly The Blue Jays Ray Henderson B.G.DeSylva / L.Brown `30 London c. January 12, 1931 90013-2 EBR 1456 As above. Duet with Les Allen plus a third voice scatting during the vocal reprise. Blue Jays were a Harry Hudson band

Never Swat A Fly

Never Swat A Fly

(Ray Henderson / B.G.DeSylva / L.Brown)

The Blue Jays

Never swat a fly
He may love another fly
He may sit with her and sigh
The way I do with you

Never harm a flea
He may have his favourite she
That he bounces on his knee
The way I do with you

Never stop a bee
If he is going anywhere
You may be intruding some teriffic love affair
Be careful

Don't step on an ant
In the middle of a pant
He may want to, but he can't
The way I do with you