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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
1130 Now It Can Be Told Lew Stone and His Band Irving Berlin w/m `38 London September 27, 1938 DR-2927-1 Dec F-6795 Lew Stone & His Band: Lew Stone (director, arranger); Bert Bullimore, Chick Smith (trumpet); Lew Davis, Eric Tann (trombone); Jim Easton, Sid Millward, Laurie Bookin (clarinet, alto sax, baritone sax); Don Barrigo (clarinet, tenor sax); Bobby McGee (piano, arranger); Ivor Mairants (guitar); Arthur Maden (string bass); Jock Jacobson (drums); Al Bowlly (vocals). London, September 26, 1938. Lew Stone arrangement.

Now It Can Be Told

Now It Can Be Told

(Irving Berlin)

Lew Stone & His Band

Now it can be told
Told in all it's glory
Now that we have met
The world may know the sentimental story

The greatest romance they ever knew
Is waiting to

Now it can be told
As an inspiration
Every other tale
Of boy meets girl is just an imitation

The great love story
Has never been told before
But now
Now it can be told