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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
234 Okay, Baby The Blue Jays William Tracey / Maceo Pinkard `30 London December 30, 1930 89989-2 EBR 1448 Duet with Les Allen plus a third voice scatting. As above. Blue Jays were a Harry Hudson band

Okay, Baby

Okay, Baby

(William Tracey / Maceo Pinkard)

The Blue Jays

Okay, baby, sweet as can be
I'll say baby you're okay with me
I don't want to make you cry
Turns out, I never hurt your feelings

All day, baby, I think of you
Don't mean maybe, honest, I do
Cross my heart and promise that you always will be
Okay, baby, with me

Okay, baby, sweet as can be
Hay, Hey baby wait and you'll see
The ring that I picked out for you
Just, two more payments and it's yours dear

Someday, baby, we'll run away
Don't mean maybe, just name the day
Even, if your mother wants to live with us, free
Its okay, baby with me