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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
503 Prisoner Of Love Roy Fox ahb Russ Columbo / Clarence Gaskill Leo Robin `31 London January 21, 1932 GB-3781-4 Takes 1&2 recorded 7th Jan. Rejected Dec F-2775 As December 30.

Prisoner Of Love

Prisoner Of Love

(Russ Columbo / Clarence Gaskill / Leo Robin)

Roy Fox and his Band

Roy Fox was absent from November 1931 to April 1932.

Alone from night to night you'll find me
Too weak to break the chains that bind me
I need no shackles to remind me
I'm just a prisoner of love

For one command I stand and wait now
From one who's master of my fate now
I can't escape, for it's too late now
I'm just a prisoner of love

What's the good of my caring
If someone is sharing those arms with me
Although you have another
I can't have another, for I'm not free

You're in my dreams, awake or sleeping
Upon my knees to you I'm creeping
My very life is in your keeping
I'm just a prisoner of love