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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
384 Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On Roy Fox ahb Eugene West / James McCaffrey / David Ringle w/m `31 London July 31, 1931 GB-3090 1-2-3 Dec F-2438 As above. Vocals by Al Bowlly, Sid Buckman and Joe Ferrie. Take 3 was issued

Take 3

Unreleased take 1

Unreleased take 2

Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On

Roll On, Mississippi, Roll On

(Eugene West / James McCaffrey / David Ringle)

Unreleased takes 1 and 2 supplied, courtesy of Chas Cox

Roy Fox and his Band

Hear that whistle, there goes the bell
That means we're on our way
All aboard, I'm feelin' swell
This is my happy day
Paddle wheel, you're going, mighty slow
That's why I keep shouting "Let 'er go."

Roll on, you Mississippi, roll on
Come on you lazy steamer, move on
Clear the river, here we come
Watch her smoke boy hear that engine hum in' lawdy
Take a look at that shore
Soon I'll be with the folks I adore
There's a spot 'round that bend,
That's my home, my journey's end
Come on you Old Man River, come on
Roll on, you Mississippi roll on

Say Captain tell me
What's the next big town we'll see
I'm so excited, I forgot my geography

I gotta holler so they'll hear it miles around
I want the world to know I'm Memphis bound