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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
124 Silvery Moon Linn Milford&his Hawaiian Players Al Frazzini / deFrank / Shephard w/m `29 London March 7, 1930 WAR-37-1 Regal MR-79, Len Fillis

Silvery Moon

Silvery Moon

(Al Frazzini / deFrank / Shephard)

Linn Milford & his Hawaiian Players

Silv'ry Moon while you are shining
I am all alone and blue
Silv'ry moon my heart is pining
When will all my dreams come true

Love to fall in love with someone
Someone who will love me too
Every night while you are brightly shining
I am lonely, silv'ry moon