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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
1188 Small Town Reginald Williams & his Futurists Max & Harry Nesbitt / Morton Fraser w/m `39 London May 5, 1939 CA-17438-1 Columbia FB- 2226 REGINALD WILLIAMS AND HIS FUTURISTS: Reginald Williams (director); Max Goldberg, Tommy McQuater (trumpet); George Rowe (trombone); Ronnie Austin, Biff Byfield (clarinet, alto sax); John Roberts (tenor sax); Hugh Tripp (baritone sax); George Shearing (piano); Reg. Bishop (guitar); Irving Ledor (string bass); Bill Richards (drums); Al Bowlly (vocals). London, March 5, 1939. I have 3 different recording dates for these; April 18 and May 5. Film Soundtrack ?

Small Town

Small Town

(Max & Harry Nesbitt / Morton Fraser)

Reginald Williams & his Futurists

Small town, at long last I’m on my way
Thought of you night and day
Yearn for that new mown hay
Small town, I’m on my way home

Big town, my pockets I thought you’d fill
A mansion upon a hill
I fell like Jack and Jill
Small town, I’m on my way home

I don’t see why
I should keep on hanging around
I’ve stayed so long
In the end it just got me down

Small town you’ve been just a memory
And now I can plainly see
There’s no other place for me
Small town, I’m on my way home