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1192 South Of The Border Al Bowlly acc. by Orchestra Jimmy Kennedy / Michael Carr w/m `39 London May 11, 1939 OEA-7856-1 HMV BD-706, HMV EA-2395 Orchestra directed by Ronnie Munro.

South Of The Border
South Of The Border

Image courtesy of Adrian Jorgensen

South Of The Border

(Jimmy Kennedy / Michael Carr)

Al Bowlly acc. by Orchestra directed by Ronnie Munro

South of the border, down Mexico way
That's where I fell in love when stars above came out to play
And now as I wander, my thoughts ever stray
South of the border down Mexico way

She was the picture,in old Spanish lace
Just for a tender while, I kissed a smile upon her face
'Cause it was fiesta and we were so gay
South of the border down Mexico way

Then she smiled as she whispered mañana
Never dreaming that we were parting
And I lied as a whispered mañana
'Cause our tomorrow never came

South of the border, I rode back one day
There in a veil of white, by candle light she knelt to pray
The mission bells told me that I mustn't stay
South of the border down Mexico way

Down Mexico way