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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
314 Tango Lady Percy Chandler ahb A.Croom Johnson Peter Maurice w/m `31 London April 24, 1931 4310,2 Piccadilly 764,Empire E-7, Mayfair G-2031, Octacros 608 Empire as Alberta Dance Band; Mayfair as Argentine Tango Orchestra. As above

Tango Lady
Tango Lady sheet music

Tango Lady

(Maurice / A.Croom Johnson)

Percy Chandler and his Band

Three dances in a cabaret
Her heart is sad
Her eyes are gay
She's made to smile for all who pay
Poor Tango Lady

There came a Spanish troubadour
She lost her heart for ever more
She found a man she waited for
That Tango Lady

He dreamt of castles in Spain
And it's true lovers lane
That would lead to her dreams of paradise
But she wanted the same
And his fancy was taken twice

Her eyes are sad and far away
He loved the world she had to pay
Still dancing in a cabaret
Poor Tango Lady