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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
228 The Farmyard Symphony Billy Hill & his Boys Malvern / Hill w/m `30 London December 18, 1930 GB-2416-2 Dec F-2172 According to Rust: Billy Hill (director); Ted Edbrooke (violin); Unknown (piano), (banjo), (xylophone); probably by one man (piano-accordian), (comb), (jewsharp); Al Bowlly, Les Allen (vocals). Another source says possibly a Len Fillis session.

The Farmyard Symphony

The Farmyard Symphony

(Malvern / Hill)

Billy Hill & his Boys

You can have your operas grand
They don't appeal to me
You can have your big jazz band
But they can't play for me

All I heard down on the farm
Were rattling melodies
If you want to hear each other
Come along with me

Roosters cock a doodle doodle do
That farmyard symphony

The ducks, quack quack
The cows all moo
The donkey bray's
But he join in too?
The farmyard symphony

The dogs, bow wow
And rattles his chain
The cat meow means
Play the game
The farmyard symphony

Old farmer John starting to yawn
He can't sleep while we carry on
The farmyard symphony

The rooster
??? got some food
The farmyard symphony

The Duck, The Cows, The Donkey
That farmyard symphony

The Dog, The Cat Meow,
That farmyard symphony

When farmer John's starting to yawn
He can't sleep while they carry on
The farmyard symphony

Says a big fat rooster to the little red hen
You ain't laid an egg since the lord knows when
Says the little red hen to the big fat rooster
You ain't been around as often as you use to