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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
194 The Kiss Waltz Waikiki Serenaders Joe Burke Al Dubin `30 London November 10, 1930 Z-1748 Broadcast 643 Unison 643 As above. The same peronelle as Ferrachini's Hawaiian Band. Duet with Les Allen. Part of a special issue released on December 12, 1930.Broadcasts 643 and 644 are labelled THE WAIKIKI SERENADERS

The Kiss Waltz

The Kiss Waltz

(Joe Burke / Al Dubin) 1930

Waikiki Serenaders (A Len Fillis Band)

Kiss me, sweetheart, kiss me
That's what the kiss waltz is saying
Bring your lips close to mine, while we're swaying
Oh my dear, can't you hear, what their playing

This waltz, is the, kiss waltz
Telling us both what to do
So kiss me, sweetheart, kiss me
While I dance the kiss waltz with you