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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
1160 They Say Geraldo aho Paul Mann / Stephen Weiss Ed Heyman `38 London January 10, 1939 OEA-7272-1 HMV BD-5448, HMV EA-2265 Geraldo (directing); Billy Higgs, Clinton Ffrench (trumpets); George Rowe, Percy Smith (trombones); George Evans (tenor sax); Cyril Grantham (clarinet, alto sax, vocals); Harry Hayes (alto sax); Andy McDevitt (clarinet, tenor sax); Harry Thompson, Frank Stewart, Charles Katz, Jacques Gorowski, F. Wolfsthal (violins); Laurie Davies (viola); Maurice Zimbler, James Whitehead (cello); Sid Bright (piano, arrangements); Bill Tringham (guitar); Don Stuteley (string bass); Alec Ure (drums); Al Bowlly (vocals).

They Say

They Say

(Paul Mann / Stephen Weiss / Ed Heyman)

Geraldo and his Orchestra

They say, you have no lips for a fool such as I
They say, you just believe in hello and goodbye
And they say that the one I admire
Isn't even remotely concerned
And that I'll go on playing with fire
Until I have learned my heart has been burned

They say, I shouldn't dream of your face in the moon
They say, all of my dreams will be nightmares too soon
Let them talk, let them think what they want to
If it makes them feel happy that way
I know I'll always love you
No matter what they say