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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
542 Try To Forget Masqueraders Jerome Kern Otto Harbach `31 London March 11, 1932 CA-12527-1 Col DB-782, Col DO-1107 The Cat And The Fiddle-Selection Part 1.(Savoy Hotel Orpheans): Carrol Gibbons (piano) & Howard Jacobs (alto sax) directing Bill Shakespeare & Billy Higgs (trumpets); Don Macaffer (trombone); Paul Fenoulhet (trombone / arrangement); Laurie Payne (clarinet, alto & baritone sax); George Smith (tenor sax); Hugo Rignold & Ben Frankel (violins); Harry Jacobson (2nd piano); Bert Thomas (guitar, banjo); Jack Evetts (string bass); Rudy Starita (drums, vibraphone, xylophone); Al Bowlly (vocals).

Try To Forget

Try To Forget

(Jerome Kern / Otto Harbach)

Masqueraders (Savoy Hotel Orpheans)

From the Broadway musical, The Cat And The Fiddle-Selection Part 1

Try to forget, won't you, all you have meant to me
And all I've meant to you, too

I'm sending back to you the things you sent to me
Your day dreams, your gay dreams
Your glad dreams, your mad dreams

Yet, don't forget, will you
That memories haunt me too
Here's what they'll want me to do

To go on just doing my best to forget
So I'll be remembering you