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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
770 Waltzing In A Dream Ray Noble and His Orchestra Victor Young B.Crosby / Ned Washington`32 London May 3, 1933 OB-6527-1 HMV B-6348, HMV EA-1226 Ray Noble directing Max Goldberg (Melophone and trumpet); Bill Shakespeare (trumpet); Jock Fleming and Lew Davis (trombones); Laurie Payne (clarinet, alto and baritone saxophones); Bob Wise (clarinet and alto saxophone); Harry Berly (clarinet, tenor sax, viola); 2 violins; Harry Jacobson (piano); Bert Thomas (banjo, guitar); Jack Evetts (string bass); Bill Harry (drums); Rudy Starita (vibraphone and xylophone); Al Bowlly (vocal). London, May 3, 1933

Waltzing In A Dream
Waltzing In A Dream

Image courtesy of Adrian Jorgensen

Waltzing In A Dream

(Victor Young / B.Crosby / Ned Washington)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

I'm waltzing in a dream with you love
Won't you make the dream come true love
Hold me to your heart and never let me free
Always be close to me

Won't you fill this night of splendour
With your kisses sweet and tender
Let me hear you whisper "I surrender"
While I'm waltzing in a dream with you