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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
229 When Bill Malone Plays The Xylophone Billy Hill & his Boys ? Malvern /Hill /Jones w/m `30 ? London December 18, 1930 GB-2417-1,-2 Dec Rejected As above. A test pressing of take 2 exists.
When Bill Malone Plays The Xylophone

When Bill Malone Plays The Xylophone

(?Malvern / Hill / Jones)

Billy Hill & his Boys

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In song and in story
You've heard of the glory
Of musicians who ????
There's bald Bill Bailey with his ukulele
And piccolo Pete and the rest

But there's a lad with a style of his own
Billy Malone and his Xylophone
When Bill Malone Plays his Xylophone
All the girls they??????
First he plays bellows, then he plays cello’s
Then he plays a mellow melody

When he starts to beat
You just sway on your feet
There's charm in his harmony

All the girls sigh and moan
All ??? sticks at home
When Billy plays his Xylophone