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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
489 Whispering Jock McDermott ahb M. Schonberger John Schonberger London January 5, 1932 14116-2 EBW 5468 Disclair K-1531 As above



(M. Schonberger / John Schonberger)

Jock McDermott and his Band

Ah, whispering while you cuddle near me
Whispering so no one here can hear me
Each little whisper seems to cheer me, oh
I know it's true, there is no one but you

You're whispering just why you'll never leave me
Oh, baby, don't you leave me
Whispering just why you'll never grieve me
Whisper and say that you believe me
Whispering that I love but you