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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
451 Who Do You Love? Howard Godfrey and his Waldorfians Jack Waller / Jos.Tunbridge Grey / Miller w/m `31 London c October, 1931. 4513-1 Piccadilly 855, Octacros 134, Mayfair G-2062 Mayfair as Percy Chandler and his Band. As above. Vinyl test exists

Who Do You Love?

Who Do You Love?

(Jack Waller / Jos.Tunbridge / Grey / Miller)

Howard Godfrey and his Waldorfians

Who Do You Love
Won't you tell me who
Who do you want
To be kind and true
Who do you think
Thinks the world of you
And loves you too

How do you like
To be held like this
Who do you suppose
Would be nice to kiss
Who do you need
To be near to make
A fuss of you

Why don't you name the day
We'll ask them to play Mr Mendelssohn's wedding song
Please be kind, make up your mind
let another good man go wrong

What'll you do
When you hear that tune
Who will you take
On a honeymoon
Who do you love
Who would absolutely
Who for you