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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
311 Ya Got Love Roy Fox ahb AL Goodhart / AL Hoffman Ed Nelson `31 London April 21, 1931 GB-2786-3 Dec F-2329 As above

Ya Got Love. Please contact me if you have this  record for sale. Thanks

Ya Got Love

(AL Goodhart / AL Hoffman / Ed Nelson)

Roy Fox and his Band

I've been looking for that certain someone
With that certain little something that I crave
Since I met you, you're that certain someone
Is it any wonder that I rave

You got eyes
You got grace
You got size
A sweet face
You got charms
You got arms
You got love

You got these
You got those
You got class
In your clothes
You're so neat
You're so sweet
You got love

You got a perfect rating that's sure worth while
There no use of debating about your style

You got this
You got that
You're not thin
You're not fat
You're just right
And at night
You got love

You got sense
You're not dumb
You got health
And then some
You got pash
You got dash
You got love

You're not good
You're not bad
You've got vim
And I'm glad
You're not slow
And I know
You got love

You got a great assortment of charm and speed
And what you haven't got, I know you don't need

You got taste
You got touch
You don't drink
No, no, not much
You got spice
You kiss nice
You got love

Thanks to Mark Thompson for lyric corrections.