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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
788 You're Mine, You Ray Noble and His Orchestra Johnny Green Ed Heyman `33 London June 16, 1933 OB-6593-2 HMV B-6370, HMV EA-1240 Ray Noble directing Max Goldberg and Bill Shakespeare (trumpets); Tony Thorpe and probably Lew Davis (trombones); Laurie Payne (clarinet, alto and baritone saxophones); Bob Wise (clarinet and alto saxophone); Reg Pink and probably Harry Carter (clarinets and tenor saxophones); 2 violins; Harry Berly (viola); Harry Jacobson (piano); Ben Thomas (guitar); Tiny Winters (string bass); Bill Harry drums; Al Bowlly (vocal). London, June 16, 1933

You're Mine, You

You're Mine, You

(Johnny Green / Ed Heyman)

Ray Noble and His Orchestra

You're mine you
You belong to me you
I will never free you
You're here with me to stay

You're mine you
You are mine completely
Love me strong or sweetly
I need you night and day

Arm in arm, hand in hand
We will be found together
Heart to heart, lips to lips
We're chained and bound together

I own you
I don't need to buy love
You're a slave to my love
In every way you're mine