EDGAR ADELER: (Birmingham December 7, 1895)

Edgar Adeler's family ran a band agency in Johannesburg, South Africa. He formed a successful Hawaiian band using Al Bowlly on vocals and ukulele and Len Fillis on guitar and banjo.

Adeler decided to take the band on a 6 month tour slowly ending up in England. Plans were changed in Rhodesia, when Adeler was offered a tour of the Far East. From Mombasa, Kenya, they took the boat to Bombay, India. After touring major cities in India they left for Madras to end up in Malaysia and Singapore.

In Jakarta, Adeler and Bowlly had a falling out and Bowlly was fired. The band went on to Surabaya only to find Bowlly singing with a Philippine Jazz Band. They reconciled before leaving Surabaya, Adeler continuing his tour and Bowlly went to Calcutta.

Edgar Adeler headed for Europe playing in Oslo and Munich. Here he joined the Robert Gaden band. He got a letter from Bowlly and wrote back, suggesting he come to Europe and join the band. Bowlly arrived in May 1927 and after the contract they all headed for Berlin.

In Belin, Adeler formed Edgar Adeler and his Hawaiian Quartette with Bowlly on guitar and vocals. In August and September 1927 they recorded a few tracks with Bowlly as a solo artist and Adeler on piano. Blue Skies and Say Mister being Bowlly’s very first vocal record. Adeler appeared in quite a few Bowlly records in Germany. With Fred Bird and with Billy Bartholomew’s Delphians.

Adeler got an offer for a contract back in Calcutta and he left in December 1927. Al Bowlly headed for London and joined Fred Elizalde and his Music

They were reunited in London and in March 1930, Edgar Adeler's Hawaiian Players recorded a few tracks with Al Bowlly on vocals. The last time they recorded together was in November 1930.

Adeler returned to South Africa and continued being an all-round entertainer.

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