William Andrew "Billy" Bartholomew: (October 1, 1901 - January 19, 1972)

Billy Bartholomew was a British jazz and entertainment musician (alto saxophone, bandleader). He lived and worked in Germany from 1924 to 1937.

Billy Bartholomew

Also in Berlin, in May, June & July of 1928, Al Bowlly recorded at least 13 tracks with the Billy Bartholomew's Delphians.

The musicians may have been: Arthur Briggs or Wilbur Curtz (trumpet), Mike Polzer (trombone)?, Billy Barton (clarinet, alto-sax), Billy Bartholomew (clarenet, alto-sax), 2 ? (tenor-sax, bar), Edgar Adeler (piano)?, Mike Danzi (banjo, guitar), ? (b), Charlie Hersdorf (drums)?, Al Bowlly (vocals).