Marius Charles Barnard Winter: (3rd January 1898. Streatham, London-1956)

MARIUS B. WINTER AND HIS DANCE ORCHESTRA were mainly a “gigging” and broadcasting outfit. I am always surprised how early this band was performing and how few records they recorded. I believe the personnel and style of music were constantly changing.

Marius B Winter
Marius B Winter

“Jazz was present on the BBC from the very first broadcast on January 1, 1923 and in February 1923 Marius B. Winter and his Orchestra played for more than an hour with a news bulletin as an interlude. They played the popular tunes of the day included several from America.”

From November 19, 1930 to March 27, 1931, Al Bowlly recorded nine tracks with Marius B. Winter & his Dance Orchestra.

Marius B. Winter (director); Arthur Williams + another (trumpet, trombone); Hugh Tripp + another (clarinet, alto sax); Edgar Bracewell (clarinet, tenor sax); Ted Edbrooke + others (violin); Wally Wallond (piano); John Collins (guitar); Bob Lamonte (bass); Bill Airey-Smith (drums). London, February & March, 1931.

On May 22nd 1935 he provided a band for the King and Queen's Jubilee Ball. It was the first time a civilian dance band was thus honoured. Much to the ire of The Melody Maker who would have preferred the Ambrose and his Embassy Club Orchestra. “It does seem rather regrettable that the occasion has not been embraced as one when the British profession of dance music might be given an opportunity to show itself off at its very best.

“Flight Lieutenant Marius B Winter was station commander of RAF West Beckham from late 1942 until mid-1946, he also served as Station Adjutant before that time. Marius was a well-liked and popular station commander who treated everyone well and with respect. He knew his personnel on first name terms and always referred to them as such. He was a famous dance band leader in the 1920s and 1930s as well as serving for 3.5 years in the trenches during World War 1 in the Royal Army Medical Corps. “
By Michael Digby

“Due to his background in the entertainment industry he was able to get good people in to entertain the people at the camp. Every Sunday night, a dance would be held at B Site which was popular with the RAF, Army and locals alike.”

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