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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
178 Adeline Jay Wilbur ahb J.Gilbert / H.Nicholls w/m `31 + others `27 London October 28, 1930 5516-2-3 Imperial 2355 Two takes.


(J.Gilbert / H.Nicholls)

Jay Wilbur ahb
Take 2 top, Take 3 bottom

One evening harmonizing love songs
The sweet gang taken by surprise
When he saw Johnny play, so gay and debonaire
And then commence to croon
This most romantic tune
Adeline, you've heard us sing about the Adeline
Well let me tell you, she's a fan of mine
She's devine,That's just why
I'm going back to see my little, Adeline
I write a letter and I add a line
To tell her that I am going to make her mine
The velvet chimes
For me and my sweet Adeline