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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
486 If I Didn't Have You Roy Fox ahb Milton Ager E.Y.Harburg `31 London December 30, 1931 GB-3768-1 Dec F-2763,Dec M-1083 German Grammophon24504-B As above
If I Didn't Have YouIf I Didn't Have You

If I Didn't Have You

(Milton Ager / E.Y.Harburg)

Roy Fox and his Band

Roy Fox fell ill with pleurisy and his doctors sent him to Switzerland to recover; leaving Lew Stone in charge. Roy Fox was absent from November 1931 to April 1932.

Time would be grey for me
If I didn't have you
Each hour a day for me
If I didn't have you
What would I live for
Tell me what would I do
If I didn't have you

No moon would beam for me
When the shadows would fall
There'd be no dreams for me
In the nightingale's call
This lovely world would mean
Just nothing at all
If I didn't have you