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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
253 Nobody Cares If I'm Blue Waikiki Serenaders Harry Akst G.Clarke `29 London January 17, 1931 Z-1832 Broadcast 673 Duet with Les Allen. Len Fillis-stg dir. Nat Star-cl/Ted Edbrooke-vn/Sid Bright-p/Al Bowlly-g
Nobody Cares If I'm Blue

Nobody Cares If I'm Blue

(Harry Akst / G.Clarke)

Waikiki Serenaders (Probably Len Fillis Band)

Nobody knows, nobody cares if I'm lonesome
Nobody sighs, nobody cries if I'm blue
It seems that night after night
I sit alone and twiddle my thumbs
But still I keep right on hoping, keep the door open
But nobody comes

Ain't it a crime, kisses of mine are just wasted
Since summer time, I'm thinkin' what'll I do
Like a plaything on the shelf, guess I'll have to play by myself
'Cause nobody knows, nobody cares if I'm blue