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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
375 Pardon Me, Pretty Baby Maurice Winnick aho Vincent Rose Ray Klages /Jack Meskill `31 London July 10, 1931 CAR-743-1 Regal MR-374 Topical Tunes Medley - Part 2
Pardon Me, Pretty Baby

Pardon Me, Pretty Baby

(Vincent Rose / Ray Klages /Jack Meskill)

Maurice Winnick & his Orchestra

Pardon me pretty baby
is it yes is it no is it maybe
Pardon me, pretty baby
don't I look familiar to you
Aw come on, get acquanted
there's a bench in the park newly painted
great idea, honey ain't it
well at least it's something to do
Was it summer when I met you
was it underneath the moon
Was it London, were we golfing
How could you forget so soon
by the way, how's your mother
and your dad and your sis and your brother
Pardon me, you’re an other
don't I look familiar to you