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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
39 Sometimes I'm Happy Arthur Brigg's Savoy Syncop's Orchestra Vincent Youmans`1923/25/27 Leo Robin /Cliff Grey/Irv Caesar Berlin c. September-October 1927 734bd DG 21127, Pol 21127, Pol W-103 oz Arthur Briggs (trumpet); Heinz Müller (trombone); Mario Scanavino (tenor and alto sax, violin); Charlie Vidal (alto sax); Egide van Gils (piano); Mike Engelen (guitar); Hans Holdt (tuba); Chappy Orlay (drums, glockenspiel); Al Bowlly (vocal)
Sometimes I'm Happy

Sometimes I'm Happy

(Vincent Youmans / Leo Robin / Cliff Grey / Irv Caesa) 1923/25/27

Arthur Brigg's Savoy Syncop's Orchestra

Sometimes I'm happy, sometimes I'm blue,
My disposition depends on you.
I never mind the rain from the skies,
If I can find the love in your eyes.
Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate you,
But when I hate you, it's 'cause I love you.
And when I answer, what shall I do?
I'm happy when I'm with you.