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# Title Principal Artiste Composers Lyricist / Date written Place Date recorded Matrix Label& Additional Information
288 Them There Eyes Roy Fox ahb M.Pinkard /W.Tracey/ D.Tauber   London March 10, 1931 GB-2725-2 Dec F-2252 Matrices GB-2725/6 have been listed elsewhere as having vocals by The Three Ginx
Them There Eyes

Them There Eyes

(M.Pinkard /W.Tracey/ D.Tauber)

Roy Fox and his Band

I fell in love with you first time I looked into
Them there eyes
You've got a certain lil' cute way of flirting with
Them there eyes
They make me feel happy
They make me feel blue
No stalling
I'm falling
Going in a big way for sweet little you
My heart is jumping
Sure started something with
Them there eyes
You'd better watch them if you're wise
They sparkle
They bubble
They're gonna get you in a whole lot of trouble
You're overworking them
There's danger lurking in
Them there eyes